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We make it easier for you to make smarter financial decisions with your crypto. HodlRate helps you find and compare the best crypto interest accounts and interest-earning services so you can grow your crypto faster. We track the most reputable and secure crypto exchanges, wallets, and decentralized finance protocols so you can get the most out of your crypto assets and stablecoins.

Everything you need to make smarter crypto and stablecoin decisions

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HodlRate makes it easy to find and compare the best interest rates on your crypto. Borrowing, lending, or spending your crypto? We got you.


Before we list a product, account, or digital asset on HodlRate, we make sure it meets our strict safety, security, and liquidity requirements.

Tools & Expertise

Whether you want to earn interest on your crypto, use it for a loan, or spend it, we have useful tools and guides to help you make smarter decisions.

Stable Rates

We focus on stable interest rate products and services. You can be reasonably assured that the interest rates you see won't change overnight.

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