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Celsius Network offers a variety of borrowing and lending services for your crypto holdings. Learn about their services and benefits and if it’s right for you.
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Overview of Celsius

Celsius specializes in the fields of consumer lending, fintech, and financial services. It is built upon the belief that everyone should and does have the opportunity to achieve financial freedom and succeed financially. When it comes to Celsius rates, it’s one of many crypto-lending platforms attracting deposits by offering high rates, all paid in cryptocurrencies.

The interests of the people are always put first at this company. They are working diligently to disrupt the financial industry, one happy user at a time, and introduce financial freedom through crypto. Celsius provides a platform of curated services such as fair yield, zero fees, and extremely quick transactions. When it comes to Celsius interest rates, you can earn up to 18.63% APY by keeping your digital assets on deposit with Celsius.

Compared to some competitors, Celsius and its employees are driven by a deeper, broader mission where success is measured by the external impact rather than their internal bottom line. The mission of the Celsius Network is to put unparalleled economic freedom in the hands of the people. They allow borrowers to quickly access fiat funds by putting their crypto as collateral, paying minimal interest.

Celsius has been operating in the crypto industry for a number of years. Founded in the summer of 2017 by Alex Mashinsky and S. Daniel Leon, the company is headquartered in London, England. They have over 600 employees based around the world.

Continue reading to get a deeper dive into how Celsius works, the benefits of using it, the long list of services, and what they’re doing to ensure security measures are met and your information is kept safe.

What are the main services offered by Celsius?

One of the areas Celsius specializes in and offers is robust crypto financial services. Person-to-person financial services such as lending, borrowing, and investing for interest are available. Therefore, there’s no need for financial gatekeepers like loan officers and banking personnel to get involved. Since Celsius doesn’t have its own trading exchange, it has a very basic dashboard to monitor withdrawals, deposits, and earnings. Therefore, just about anyone can use it with ease.

The company supports over 40 types of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. It funds loans in USD and stablecoins and provides instant funding in stablecoins with no fees on transactions. Celsius supports today's leading cryptocurrencies including native blockchain coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano and Solana. They also support a variety of stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, TGBP TCAD. Celsius is also one of the few platforms that supports gold tokens such as PAXG, allowing investors to have exposure to the price of gold and earn interest on it.

Here are a few of the main services and ways to use Celsius:

Celsius Earn Account

To begin earning rewards, you can transfer your cryptocurrency to your Celsius wallet and begin earning interest within minutes. The level of rewards offered widely varies and depends on a few different factors. The rewards at Celsius vary widely by the type of crypto asset held and whether you earn in CEL and/or hold CEL in your wallet. CEL being the native currency of the Celsius network.


elsius Crypto-Backed Loans: Celsius lets you borrow as little as $100 for rates as low as 1% APR using your crypto as collateral. Unlike some crypto lenders, there’s no credit check, and Celsius doesn’t charge any origination fees. It’s quick too, as applying for a loan takes less than a minute from the Celsius app. How fast you’re able to receive your funds will depend on the type of currency issued.


Celsius Exchange: The Celsius exchange lets you buy BTC, ETH, and 40-plus other cryptocurrencies using your credit card or bank account.

Pay: CelPay

CelPay from Celsius is a free digital payment service that lets you send or receive crypto using your phone’s contacts from the Celsius app. Using CelPay, you can send up to $2,500 every 24 hours.

Pay: Celsius Credit Card

The VISA Celsius card is designed to let you earn rewards when you spend. At the same time, they pay weekly rewards on the crypto collateral in your wallet. It’s a great way to earn crypto while going about everyday purchases.

Swap (Beta)

You can also trade coins for no fees, however, it’s not available yet. The Celsius swap function will someday in the future allow users in eligible regions to swap multiple cryptocurrency pairs with zero fees.

Celsius Business

There are ways to use Celsius in business too if you qualify. Celsius Business is aimed at high-net-worth individuals and enterprises, offering them a full suite of white glove services for lending, borrowing and accessing digital assets, including access to Celsius’ team of experts.

CEL Token

Celsius (CEL) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum blockchain. There are seven planned utilities for the CEL token: priority in line for loans, better dollar loan rates, better earning rates, better coin loan rates, and premium support.

What is CEL token?

The Celsius Network native token, CEL, is central to unlocking several Celsius benefits. CEL is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Celsius also allows users to earn interest on the CEL held in their wallets. Although there are many use-cases for CEL, its main functions are for staking, earning rewards, and lowering interest rates on loans. However, keep in mind that with native tokens often experiencing price volatility, holding CEL in your portfolio over time comes with risks. For example, you may experience sudden sharp drops in value.

Utilization of the CEL token affords each Celsius user group unique benefits:

Earners: By accepting rewards in the form of CEL tokens, earners receive up to 30% more rewards on all deposits of non-CEL tokens.

Borrowers: By paying interest with CEL tokens, borrowers receive up to a 30% discount on interest payments.

Institutions: By paying interest with CEL tokens, institutions borrowing tokens from Celsius receive a 30% discount on their interest payments.

How does Celsius make money?

Celsius is able to stay in business and offer no fees because of the way in which they make money. The company makes its profits through its lending and borrowing services. Similar to how traditional banks make money, Celsius pays interest to depositors. Those deposits are then lent out to borrowers who pay a higher interest rate. This interest rate spread is a major source of revenue for Celsius.

Within the Celsius app, you're able to buy coins using:

  • ACH transfer (via Wyre)
  • Bank transfer
  • Debit card purchase
  • Credit card purchase
  • SEPA transfer

The Celsius Network corporate structure is a new paradigm shift that essentially makes depositors into important stakeholders of the Celius platform. Celsius creates revenue from deposits, charges no fees, and gives 80% of revenue back to depositors. In addition, Celsius Network is able to earn revenues on its own token (CEL) in a few different ways.

What are the fees on Celsius?

It’s safe to say that there are no fees on Celsius, which makes it attractive to users as well. Generally speaking, the company doesn’t charge any fees to use their services. For instance, there are no withdrawal fees, no transfer fees, no transaction fees, no early termination fees, and no origination fees. Therefore, you’ll find that using the Celsius wallet is completely free. There is no minimum balance or fees to earn on your crypto deposit either. Wondering when you’ll get your interest payments? Payouts are made on a weekly basis on Mondays.

Is Celsius safe to use?

The short answer is that, yes, Celsius is safe and the company goes to extreme measures to ensure this holds true. You can see and review some of their security insights and measures in detail right on their website.

Celsius has never experienced a hack, security breach, or loss of funds in its 3+ years of business. Therefore, you can trust Celsius Network to pay interest, make money from crypto and provide loans on time. The company maintains high-security standards to protect its customers and assets. Celsius received ISO/IEC 27001 certification in May 2021.

They have a Security Operations Center that follows an integrated, proactive security defense framework that operates around the clock. Security has been and continues to be a top priority for the Celsius team. There are six security certifications integrated in its portfolio, including ISO/IEC, 365/24/7 monitoring, the latest cryptographic innovations, and cyber intelligence. Furthermore, Celsius users are urged to ensure the integrity of their own holdings and the network’s security as well with specific instructions.

Is Celsius regulated?

In the U.S, Celsius Network is regulated by FinCEN and is registered as a money service business (MSB). Moreover, Celsius is registered with the U.S states of California and Missouri as a financial lender. Celsius offers its services lawfully in all jurisdictions they operate in and work with major regulators around the world to ensure that they meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Is Celsius insured?

When researching if Celsius Network is FDIC insured, you’ll find that Celsius does not have an insurance policy. There are four main areas they work to protect including client data and assets, client platforms, the Celsius backend, custodians, rails, Celsius personnel, corporate, and 3rd parties, counterparties, and crypto platforms.

In what countries is Celsius available in?

Celsius operates in more than 150 countries; however, you should check whether or not your country provides full support for Celsius features. For instance, in the U.S., new users living in the states of Washington and New York have not been able to buy any assets through the app since July 2021. When it comes to CEL, the Celsius Network's flagship loyalty-reward token, you’ll find that it’s not available for sale to U.S. residents.

How do I open a Celsius account?

Looking to open a Celsius account of your own? It’s fairly straightforward to do so, but you will need to provide some documents and personal information. U.S. residents are required to submit a Social Security number and a photo identity to comply with Celsius' KYC (know your customer) requirements. After your identity is validated, you'll then need to fund your account. This can be done with an automated clearing house (ACH) or SEPA transfer from your bank using regular money. Or you can choose to directly purchase any number of the supported cryptocurrencies for direct deposit.

When registering with Celsius you’ll need to use and submit an email address and basic contact information. Once you’re inside the platform, you must take the, know your customer (KYC) verification process to access all of Celsius’s features.

To sign up and access features:

  1. Go to the Celsius website and select Get Started
  2. Enter your contact details to sign up for the platform
  3. Once your email is verified, log into the platform and create a PIN
  4. Verify your identity. To complete this step, you must enter your Social Security number and provide a government-issued ID, like a driver’s license or passport

What sort of customer support does Celsius offer?

You may have questions as you get started and are using the platform and features. Getting in touch and getting your questions answered is fairly easy to do. On the Celsius Network website, you’ll find a dedicated Help Center that will answer any questions you have. It includes a list of FAQs regarding deposits, withdrawals, and security, among several other topics as well.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Help Center, you also have the option to submit a help request in which a Celsius representative will reach out to you over email. Generally speaking, Celsius support emails are answered relatively quickly. According to other customers’ experience and the online reviews, support response times during normal operation times are usually 48 hours.

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