Interest Account Rates is a popular cryptocurrency platform with a range of products available for anybody looking to trade and earn interest on their cryptocurrencies. They support many major currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and they have recently enabled recurring buy with stablecoins. Below you'll find's latest interest rates for their crypto accounts.
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Overview of

In November 2019, the company launched its trading platform, supporting many of today's major cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other tokens and stablecoins. They have become a popular company, and this is partly because of the features that the exchange promotes, such as competitive trading fees, deep liquidity, institution-grade security, and special fees for those who hold’s CRO token.

Visa Cards

The company's flagship CRO Visa prepaid cards have been designed to combine the features you expect with debit and credit cards with those associated with cryptocurrencies. They are now available to customers in the UK, USA, Europe, and Singapore.

The function of these cards is to provide users with the ability to sell, buy, spend, and trade cryptos in line with fiat currencies. Features include:

  • Free ATM withdrawals
  • No annual fee and minimum balance requirements
  • Free shopping
  • Tap-and-pay features
  • Up to 5% back on local and overseas spending

Extra features are available, depending on the card chosen, including access to LoungeKey airport lounges, cashback offers, and a range of other rewards. You can compare card tiers on their website.

Cardholders can use's mobile app to manage their balance and can add cryptos or make fiat deposits. Exchange supports the trading of many major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink and a range of stablecoins.

Special rates are available for users who hold the CRO token, and there are a range of other attractive features, including top-grade security, deep liquidity, and low trading fees. also runs a fundraising platform known as The Syndicate. This gives CRO holders the opportunity to buy selected tokens at a discounted price.

Credit and Loans

Borrowers can take out loans or lines of credit by depositing select tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and CRO.

Their service offers a 50% loan-to-value ratio, so if you were to deposit $10,000, you would receive $5,000 in credit. Users can also receive their line of credit in stablecoins, including USDC and Tether.

Features iof crypto borrowing nclude:

  • Low annual interest
  • No restrictions on credit limits
  • No repayment deadline
  • No credit check required.

Earn Crypto offers interest savings accounts on your crypto and stablecoins. You can deposit a range of the top cryptocurrencies to earn yield on idle assets.

How Secure is has established a very high level of security. This is in partnership with Ledger, a global leader in security solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications. 100% of users cryptocurrencies are held offline in cold storage, and they are fully insured.

Security features include:

  • Network and web application firewall capabilities
  • Encryption of all traffic
  • Comprehensive security and compliance controls
  • Whitelisted wallets
  • Secure infrastructure leveraged by Amazon Web Services

How Do I Open an Account with

You have a choice between the web-based exchange or the app. You need to register with them both separately, although you can link them together after registering with both platforms.

After creating an account, you will be asked to verify your identity. After doing so, you will be sent a confirmation email to say that your account has been activated.

You can then deposit credit to your wallet via the website or app, and you can buy and start trading as well.

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