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YouHodler's online platform allows you to earn interest on your digital assets through crypto savings accounts. They also offer crypto backed loans, conversions and advanced yield strategy products. Below you'll find YouHodler's latest crypto interest account rates.
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Overview of YouHodler

YouHodler is a Swiss-based financial technology company that lets you earn interest and take out loans on cryptocurrencies, be they Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins, or any of the other major digital currencies that exist today. Mainly catering to customers based in Europe, they also offer other crypto financial services such as easy conversions from one crypto asset to another and leveraged yield products.

As a fintech platform, YouHodler aims to help bridge the traditional financial world to the crypto world. With easy sign up and conversions of fiat currencies to crypto, many people start their crypto journeys through YouHodler. Once on the YouHodler platform, they offer a wide array of products and services to make the most out of your crypto holdings.

What services does YouHodler offer?

YouHodler wallet

With a YouHodler wallet, you can store and manage your digital assets. Designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind, you can store Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. From your wallet, you can convert or exchange your cryptocurrency to fiat, open a savings account, receive your interest yields, manage your investments, and take out crypto loans.

You can access the YouHodler wallet on the website or by downloading the YouHodler mobile app on Android or iOS. YouHodler’s mobile apps are highly rated for their ease of use and features offered.

Crypto backed loans

With YouHodler, you can take out a crypto collateralized loan. Using any number of cryptocurrencies in your YouHodler wallet, you can use it to take out a loan with very little friction. Loans can be taken out in a number of different crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or stablecoins such as USDC or USDT. Once you pay back your loan, you’ll get back the collateral you deposited.

The application process is quick and seamless, with no credit score checks to worry about, and no lengthy deliberations on whether you should be allowed a loan. Provided you have sufficient collateral and your account is verified, you’ll receive an agreed loan amount that you can either accept or reject.

You can also take out multiple cascading loans using YouHodler's Turbocharge service. The platform will automatically use the borrowed funds from the first loan to buy more crypto and give you another loan. In effect, you’re able to leverage up your loan, thus increasing your yield. While the interest rates are attractive with the Turbocharge feature, you should be aware of the risks should crypto markets decline in price.

The interest rate YouHodler will charge on your loan depends on the cryptocurrency you are borrowing. Generally, the riskier the asset, the higher the interest rate you’ll be charged. When taking out a loan, be sure you’re comfortable with the interest payments and possible risk that your collateral could fall in price causing your crypto collateral to be liquidated.

Earn Interest

By opening a savings account with YouHodler, you can earn interest on the digital assets you deposit. Currently, YouHolder accepts an array of cryptocurrencies for savings but if you don't have those that are listed on the site, you can convert the ones you do have. The interest rate you could earn on your cryptocurrencies vary from one asset to another.

Opening a YouHodler savings account is relatively easy. You simply go to your 'Wallets' screen, choose to add funds, and follow the deposit instructions. You can then sit back and watch your crypto savings grow with interest payments automatically being deposited into your YouHodler account.

To boost your savings, you might also want to make use of YouHodler’s Multi HODL product. This helps you make the most of your savings with an advanced investment strategy, combining the best of crypto exchanges and CFD trading into one.


With YouHodler’s exchange product, you can quickly swap one cryptocurrency or fiat currency to another. With low exchange fees and fast execution times, YouHodler makes it easy to trade crypto. Conversions can easily be done from within the YouHodler mobile app or website.

Multi HODL

YouHodler’s Multi HODL service allows you to easily leverage up a crypto trade position and manage it. In principle it uses the crypto you put into Multi HODL, and depending on the risk level you specify, YouHodler automatically borrows against those assets to leverage up your position. Multi HODL then uses advanced trading strategies to automatically manage your position.

However Multi HODL does come with risk. If the market turns against your trade, you risk losing all the funds you deposit into Multi HODL. It should be used by investors who can tolerate high market volatility and who can afford to lose the capital they put into Multi HODL should your position get liquidated.

Dual Asset

In addition to YouHodler’s Crypto interest accounts, you can potentially earn much higher yields using advanced decentralized finance (DeFi) yield generation strategies. Implementing DeFi yield strategies often requires advanced knowledge in connecting to and navigating around decentralized blockchain applications. YouHodler’s Dual Asset product is meant to give people exposure to these higher risk, higher return yields through an easy to use interface on the YouHodler platform.

NFT collateralized loans

YouHodler offers NFT (Non-fungible token) collateralized loans for certain NFT collections. By using an NFT as collateral, it allows the NFT’s owner to get liquidity without having to sell their NFT. The loan amount and interest rate depends on the specific NFT you want to put up as collateral. To request a NFT loan, you can contact YouHodler directly.

How does YouHodler make money?

YouHodler makes money through interest rate spreads and exchange fees on their platform. Interest rate spreads are the difference between what YouHodler pays out in interest and the interest they earn from loans they give out.

Interest rate spreads are a common way that traditional banks make money. As the digital asset industry has grown in popularity and become institutionalized, crypto exchanges have also adopted this business model.

YouHodler also charges fees for various actions within their platform. Fees for deposits, withdrawals and opening/closing loans are applied for various fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

What are the fees on YouHodler?

YouHodler charges fees on bank wire deposits and withdrawals. The exact fee depends on the currency you are depositing or withdrawing. For USD bank wire deposits, YouHodler charges $25 USD. Euro bank wire deposits are free.

For USD withdrawals, YouHodler charges 1.5% of the withdrawal amount, with a minimum $70 USD charge. For Euro withdrawals, YouHodler charges a flat Є5 EUR fee. For other currency deposits or withdrawal fees, check YouHodler’s most recent fee schedule.

Crypto deposits on YouHodler are free, however you’ll have to account for any network transaction fees from sending crypto from your own wallet. Withdrawal fees for crypto depends on the cryptocurrency you’re looking to withdraw. Each token will have its own transaction fee, which you can find on the withdrawal page of your YouHodler wallet.

Certain fees are also charged on crypto backed loans. The fees for loans depend on the action you’re taking and the cryptocurrency you’re borrowing. To start, you’ll be charged interest on the principal amount you borrow. The interest rate depends on the crypto asset you borrow. Depending on any further action you take on your loan, you’ll be charged an additional fee. For example, if you increase the loan-to-value ratio of your loan, 1.5% of the amount you increase your loan by will be charged as a fee. Contact YouHodler customer support for the most recent fees on crypto loans.

YouHodler also charges fees on their Turbocharge and Multi HODL services. The fees depend on how much you deposit into these accounts and how much you profit.

YouHodler also takes a small fee on any conversions you make on the platform. You can see the exact fee amount and what you’ll receive from YouHodler’s conversions page. The exact fee depends on the currencies you’re converting and the amount.

Is YouHodler safe to use?

YouHodler values its reputation as a safe platform to use. They follow industry best practices for data protection, data encryption and custody of digital assets. YouHodler’s customer crypto assets are securely stored using Ledger Vault's industry-leading technology. Fiat deposits, such as USD, EUR and GBP, are securely stored at regulated banks in Europe and Switzerland.

Crypto operations such as deposits, withdrawals and storage are done in accordance with the latest Cryptocurrency Security Standards (CCSC). YouHodler has not had any major security or liquidity incidents since its founding and continues to operate in a manner that puts security first.

YouHodler offers all the standard features of security that you’d come to expect of a safe and secure crypto platform, such as 2-factor authentication, data encryption and KYC practices. They also offer novel security features such as 3-factor authentication for accounts with balances over $10,000. This security feature allows a user to request that all withdrawals from their account be disabled. You can re-enable crypto withdrawals only by giving YouHodler proper notice and by providing proper identification. This allows larger holders, who have no plans of making account withdrawals, additional peace of mind to passively leave their digital assets on the YouHodler platform.

Is YouHodler regulated?

YouHodler complies with EU laws and is an active member of the Blockchain Association of Financial Commission and the Crypto Valley Association. In all jurisdictions YouHodler operates, they aim to comply with all laws and seek the proper regulatory licenses to operate as a financial business.

Is YouHodler insured?

While Youhodler does not offer complete deposit insurance for your crypto assets, they do have a $150 million insurance policy that protects them against theft. This insurance policy is underwritten by Arch – Llyod’s of London, which is a regulated insurance provider. The insurance policy is made possible because Youhodler follows industry best practices for security and safeguarding against hacks. Youhodler takes the security of its platform very seriously.

Unlike fiat deposits at traditional banks, crypto platforms generally do not offer federal deposit insurance on cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. YouHodler is no exception. The best crypto exchanges can do is offer insurance through private underwriters. Major central banks do not acknowledge any cryptocurrency as legal tender or as federally insurable deposits.

In what countries is YouHodler available in?

Due to legal restrictions, YouHodler does not offer services in the United States, China, Bangladesh, Iraq, Pakistan, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian territories. For an updated list of countries where YouHodler does not operate, you can check their customer requirements page.

How do I open an account with YouHodler?

Signing up is easy, whether you want to access a loan or start a crypto savings account. Simply follow the sign-up steps provided by YouHodler and follow the instructions on the page. You’ll be asked to complete a basic KYC (Know your customer) process, which includes providing some basic information about yourself and uploads of personal identification documents.

To fund your YouHodler account with fiat currency, such as USD, EUR or GBPs, you can use a bank wire or credit card. To deposit cryptocurrency or stablecoin to YouHodler, you can send the funds directly to a deposit address that YouHodler will provide. Confirmation of your crypto deposit can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the cryptocurrency you are sending and the blockchain network’s speed at the time.

USD or EUR bank wires via the SWIFT network can take up to five days to appear in your YouHodler account. EUR bank wires via SEPA are much quicker, taking no more than two business days.

How to withdraw from YouHodler

Withdraw to your bank account

You can withdraw USD, EUR, GBP or CHF directly to your bank account via a bank wire. Withdrawals can take up to 5 days depending on the currency. To begin a withdrawal, go to your YouHodler wallet screen and select “Withdraw”. From here you can select your withdrawal method and be prompted to enter your bank details. See here to view YouHodler’s latest withdrawal times and fees.

Withdraw crypto from YouHodler

You can easily withdraw supported cryptocurrencies from YouHodler to your own wallet, by going to the Wallet screen and selecting “Withdraw”. YouHodler does charge a small fee for crypto withdrawals, and processing times depend on the blockchain network you are withdrawing to.

Reaching YouHodler customer support

YouHodler provides 24/7 customer support to all its clients. You can reach support any time through the chat application on their platform. Alternatively you can email for a timely email response to your questions.

YouHodler also provides an extensive self-help FAQ section for common questions most customers have about crypto and using YouHodler. However if you do need to contact YouHodler for something more specific, they are always available.

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